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 Banned Members & Ban Information

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Teh ChEwYiNg Admin
Teh ChEwYiNg Admin

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PostSubject: Banned Members & Ban Information   Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:08 pm

We've banned many users already, for many reasons. We've had a) Spammers, b) Hackers, c) Advertisers, and more.

If you want to avoid a ban or infraction, read the rules. (Rules are important. Follow them!!)

If you get 5 infractions, a mod or admin will ban you. Depending on your infractions, it may be forever, or for a month, or for a few days.

If your banned forever, don't bother coming back to the forum. You probably did something to make you not welcomed back.

If your banned for a few days or something, please come back when your ban is over. We like having you here, but we must set down our rules. Users who choose to break rules, face consequences.

Rules are important to keep our forum and users safe. If you see anyone breaking rules, report that post. A moderator or admin will view the reports.

And remember, new rules can and will be added.


Whats up Guest! Since your my biggest fan, I decide to give you a what's up ;-)
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Banned Members & Ban Information
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